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Texas Ballroom

Texas Ballroom was a 4000 square foot, former Lithuanian Community Ballroom on Chicago's South Side, turned into performance space, gallery, party house and home to a rotating cast of 8 people. Michael moved into the space in the fall of 2003, and immediately began hosting and organizing events. Past musical performances included Tracy & The Plastics, Barr, The Quails, Mirah, Glass Candy, Lightning Bolt, and many others. Texas Ballroom hosted events such as Pilot! Chicago, Version Festival, Select Media, and the #1 Halloween party in Chicago for 4 straight years. The space was shut down sometime in 2007.

Texas Ballroom residents - Spring 2004.

Clockwise from top: Aay Preston-Mynt, Leidy Churchman, David Gray, Christopher Schulz, Count, Charlie, Grady Gillan, Michael O'Neill, Alexis Gideon, Jamillah James

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