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CRICKETS is Roddy Bottum (Faith No More), JD Samson (Le Tigre/MEN), and Michael O’Neill (Princess, MEN). Bringing their conceptual approach to pop music, the trio believes that minimal instrumentation and abstract progression will speak volumes as they dissect their own masculinity as a group. JD Samson as a Butch Woman, and Roddy and Michael as Men.
The powerful bursts of activity, and trailing reverb of their original style is something they had dreamed of years before, but only now have had the opportunity to deliver. Samson’s text from her forthcoming memoir helps to lyricize their pieces, from poetry and prose to stanzas screamed, we find ourselves inside the gender duality that each one of us is complicated by.
CRICKETS is intentionally barren, quiet as it is loud.
We listen closer to crickets than to the silence we have found.

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